Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is the time...

About 2 years have passed,
and this is it.
Even it is just a mock...but do your best.

Scared, gigit jari, garu kepala, termenungkan masa depan and yet still in a state where there's is about 50% confidence in failure*nauzubillah*

I've read in a friend's blog, says
"why scared?
because you're not prepared,
why not prepared,
because me no study,
and the only way now to overcome your scared is to study"

then, you'll not be scared...just have faith in HIM
cause he does not counts on how much brain cells or grey matter does a people have,
but he counts on how much effort does a people make...

i shall not say gud luck...but I shall say all the best everyone...=)

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