Sunday, November 2, 2014


Today in our happy circle..
We did a simple activity.
But the message was Subhanallah...
That's why I want to share it with u, the people i treasure *menangis skrg*

Maybe you can try it with your luveleyh rumate, but if you do it in a bigger group such as ur housemate, usrahmate, it will be more fun.
The more the merrier.
No people listed as above? Play with the wall then. Kbye.

The activity:
Put a piece a paper in your back.
Ask your friends to write anything about your good personality that they had always jelly with.
and you also need to write anything that you had always jelly with their good personality.
after everyone had done it, keep the paper to yourself.
Read it later when you are alone.

To me, what people had wrote abt me, i found it strange.
Out of 5 they had wrote, I never think any of them as my strength.

Sometimes, people think that they are the most pabo(stupid) creature in this world,
sometimes people think that they are weak, they do not have strong will, they are rude
and blaaaaaa...

What I get is, do not think something bad abt urself, be grateful.
There are always some people around you who are jelly much for who you are.

jelly much??? *tade kaitan*

Kech-ING Bel-ING