Tuesday, December 23, 2014

mim ya sin sin

I miss a friend who nag at me most of the time. Even it was annoying, still I know u care abt me.
I miss a friend who would tell me her problems anytime. Even sometimes it was hard to bear my ears,still I know I am the most trusted person for u.
I miss a friend when I was sick, she will forced me immediately to go to the hospital, even I dont want to.
I miss a friend when she knew if I was wrong, she would immediately speak and be honest to me.
I miss everything abt us.

If you are one of any mention above, I just want to apologize and thank to you a lot.
Maybe I wasnt a good friend to you, but you are the best friend I ever have.

Only in hard times, you will know who your real friend are.

Kech-ING Bel-ING