Sunday, February 22, 2015


Had you ever been unhappy after traveling from a country that you always dream to go before?
Hmm. For me, yes.
If anyone ask me,"Best ke pegi ****** aritu?", I would be &*#@#()(^& *just smile sheepishly*.


1. Eat a lots of food. #foodporn
2. Nah. Just spending time with my closest friend. #ukhuwahfillah
3. To know your friend better. Especially if you are traveling with a friend who you just remember her name on fb only.
4. Do some cool activities. #firsttimer #noobs
5. To increase the collections of your picture in insta #myjourneyto~~~
6. Cross out your checklist #traveltokorea
7. I have too many money. I dont know where can I spend them. (Tampar laju2 orang macam ni)
8. I have passed my exam with flying colors! Time to reward myself. Hewhew.
9. Because bla bla bla airlines make a promotion.
10. Dunnow.

I was asked with this question before I went to Turkey. Some of these are my answers. Haha. But someone's answer really change from what I feel about traveling to Turkey.

"reason for traveling?..hmm...just want to learn something. anything can be. at least i gain something different everyday :D"

"And when the prayer has been concluded, disperse within the land and seek from the bounty of Allah , and remember Allah often that you may succeed." (Jumuah:10)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

mim ya sin sin

I miss a friend who nag at me most of the time. Even it was annoying, still I know u care abt me.
I miss a friend who would tell me her problems anytime. Even sometimes it was hard to bear my ears,still I know I am the most trusted person for u.
I miss a friend when I was sick, she will forced me immediately to go to the hospital, even I dont want to.
I miss a friend when she knew if I was wrong, she would immediately speak and be honest to me.
I miss everything abt us.

If you are one of any mention above, I just want to apologize and thank to you a lot.
Maybe I wasnt a good friend to you, but you are the best friend I ever have.

Only in hard times, you will know who your real friend are.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Today in our happy circle..
We did a simple activity.
But the message was Subhanallah...
That's why I want to share it with u, the people i treasure *menangis skrg*

Maybe you can try it with your luveleyh rumate, but if you do it in a bigger group such as ur housemate, usrahmate, it will be more fun.
The more the merrier.
No people listed as above? Play with the wall then. Kbye.

The activity:
Put a piece a paper in your back.
Ask your friends to write anything about your good personality that they had always jelly with.
and you also need to write anything that you had always jelly with their good personality.
after everyone had done it, keep the paper to yourself.
Read it later when you are alone.

To me, what people had wrote abt me, i found it strange.
Out of 5 they had wrote, I never think any of them as my strength.

Sometimes, people think that they are the most pabo(stupid) creature in this world,
sometimes people think that they are weak, they do not have strong will, they are rude
and blaaaaaa...

What I get is, do not think something bad abt urself, be grateful.
There are always some people around you who are jelly much for who you are.

jelly much??? *tade kaitan*

Friday, October 31, 2014

Are u a cat?

Aegi is a cat.
She woke up everyday,
but perhaps when the sun was right above the sky.
Fulfilling her belly,
and Doing things she enjoys the most.
of course playing

with her owner.
without even realizing the world was getting dark again.

She continued doing the same thing at night,
and fall asleep when she feel so.

Living like an animal.
She hate herself.

She feel sad. She did cry sometimes.
Why she was created? Was it just to be cute and playing around?
What she have really done for others and the world?
Perhaps, what she have really done for herself?

Deep in her heart. She knows that something is wrong somewhere.
She knows what is it.
but as she had transformed into an animal,
she cant even think which one is good or bad for her.

Until a day, She is diagnosed with cirrhosis.
Hard. Nonfunctional. Disarranged.
Too bad on that time.
The owner didnt even want to play with her anymore. Perhaps playing with another cats he owned.
And sadly she died just like that with full of regret.

"Hai orang-orang yang beriman, taatlah kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya, dan janganlah kamu berpaling daripada-Nya, sedang kamu mendengar (perintah-perintah-Nya), dan janganlah kamu menjadi sebagai orang-orang (munafik) yang berkata: "Kami mendengarkan, padahal mereka tidak mendengarkan." Sesungguhnya binatang (makhluk) yang seburuk-buruknya pada sisi Allah ialah orang-orang yang pekak dan tuli yang tidak mengerti apa-apa pun. Kalau kiranya Allah mengetahui kebaikan ada pada mereka, tentulah Allah menjadikan mereka dapat mendengar. Dan jika Allah menjadikan mereka dapat mendengar, niscaya mereka pasti berpaling juga, sedang mereka memalingkan diri (dari apa yang mereka dengar itu)." (QS. Al-Anfaal [8] : 20-23)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jangan sombong dengan DIA

In 3 days, insya-Allah i will be back to Malaysia again.YEAY!

Just a reminder to myself and can be you too^^,
kot2 balik Malaysia lupa daratan nampak makanan bagai..masa lapang yg membunuh pun banyak sangat,

He THE ONLY ONE who understand you the most,
When you think everything is impossible,
To the extent that you think you want to repeat the whole year again,
But, now I have only 1 paper left...

I remember a phrase i read in
"If he can eliminate the world with one blow, for sure he can eliminate your problem like..petik jari..haaa..."
(bunyi ala2 mcm tu la)

That's why, JANGAN SOMBONG dengan ALLAH...

Nak share ayat sikit dari surah Al A'raf

12. Allah berfirman: “Apakah yang menghalangimu untuk bersujud (kepada Adam) di waktu aku menyuruhmu?” Menjawab iblis “Saya lebih baik daripadanya: Engkau ciptakan saya dari api sedang Dia Engkau ciptakan dari tanah”.
13. Allah berfirman: “Turunlah kamu dari surga itu; karena kamu sepatutnya menyombongkan diri di dalamnya, Maka keluarlah, Sesungguhnya kamu Termasuk orang-orang yang hina”.
Selamat Berpuasa da n menunaikan Ibadah. Semoga Amal2 Kita diredhaiNya.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Moh Puasa!!!

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
Sebab dipertemukan dengan Ramadhan tahun ni...

Walaupun macam2 perkara berlaku, hypoxia la, hypomagnesemia la, panic attack la
Sampai rasa mcm dah xkan sempat je nak jumpa Ramadhan tahun ni,
Apa2 pun, Allah Maha berkuasa memanjangkan umur seseorang hambaNya.
dan harapnya bila diberi peluang lagi, gunalah nikmat itu sebaiknya :D

dan Alhamdulillah dipermudahkan exam setakat ni. One more to go.
And then kembali di Bumi Malaysia memenuhkan ruang2 bazar ramadhan =.=".

And Alfatihah to my brother in law's father. Mati dalam tidur. Hari Jumaat. One day before Ramadhan. May Allah bless him.

Kech-ING Bel-ING