Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kitaran Dalam Badan Seorang Wanita

Every months, there are 4 hormones that are responsible to change a woman to become a monster:

-For the first 5 days, FSH is secreted by pituitary gland and stimulate follicle cells to grow.
-As the follicle cells grow, estrogen is giving out.
-Estrogen causes follicle cells to absorb more FSH and grow causing more and more estrogen to produce.
-This is a positive feedback.
-After day 5, estrogen has the reponsibility to repair the uterine lining.
-As estrogen reaches peak level, this will stimulate LH to be secreted by pituitary gland and prevent the secretion of FSH.
-This is a negative feedback.
-As LH rises to the peak, ovulation will occur at day 14.
-As ovulation occur, follicle cells will grow to become corpus luteum and secretes progesterone.
-Now, progesterone is responsible to maintain the thickness of uterine lining and prepare for embryo implantation.
-High level of progesterone will inhibit the production of LH and FSH.
-If there is no embryo implantation occur, corpus luteum will rupture and no longer secretes progesterone.
-Level of progesterone decrease and stimulated back the FSH secretion to prepare a new cycle.

What if pregnancy occur?Jeng3...
-HCG secreted by tropoblast will maintain the corpus luteum.
-Corpus luteum will continue to secrete progesterone.
-Thus, the level of progesterone remain increase.
-Yet, corpus luteum will degenerate as there is no more tropoblast.
-Thus, placenta grown will continue to secrete progesterone.

Sekian sahaja dari DOCTOR ON DUTY...=)

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