Saturday, April 2, 2011

All I Want Is


that's all

Trust me that I can survive in overseas
Nothing to be worried
I will miss you the more you miss me
No matter where I am
I am your daughter after all
So, i am begging you
Please pray for my exams n my interviews
Cause Allah knows what's in your heart

Trust me that I am struggling for IB exams
You may see me sleeping all the time
You may see me laughing all the time
I am sure you will not be happy
to see me if I've turned into a serious person
Different person have different ways
Maybe while you sleeping/playing i am studying
n maybe while you studying i am playing/sleeping
Anyways, Thank you for your concern
I appreciated that...really deep in my heart

Trust me that I do love you
That's why I am struggling with books now
Cause I know
Love cannot buy a plate of rice
To make both of us live on in future
So, let us concentrate
What's more important

Thanks for those who trust me...=)

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