Friday, February 11, 2011

When the black clouds cannot store their rains anymore

1st trial:
ACMS Interview
A friend told me that the results were out...OH MY GOD!!!
It was a heart throbbing...
Immediately, I opened yahoo group
Then, I clicked on ACMS:NUI Galway and Cork Interview Result
Because I was a bit impatient
I just press the button CTRL+F
and searched for YANA
Yes, the result showed 3 of 3
I scrolled down happily to see my name
Unluckily, non of those Yana's matched my full name
The clouds started to turn black
I looked up to see my mother's face
"Mummy, minta maaf...yana xberjaya"
Yes, deep in my heart...
I know...I was not that sad as I was not accepted...
Yet I was sad because only me and and another classmate of mine did not manage to get the offer among my classmates who went for the interview
I try to calm myself
"Maybe rezeki saya kat universiti len kot"
Then, I continue my life with a sunshine again...
But still with clouds in sky

2nd trial:
PMC Interview
Today, Yesterday, and Yesterday's Yesterday
Yes, I was being asked by my friends
"Camana result...ko mesti dapatnya"
Deep in my heart
I felt something ke-ikanan with that statement
Eventhough they tried to convince me
Yet, I did feel that I did not manage to get the offer
I try to be strong
After school, I go to counselor's room
Wan*thanks for kesungguhan anda*knocks the door and ask dr. for the result
I tell my name to dr....
and there goes
"Nor Adliyana Adnan?" she ask with a face that try to convince herself in conveying a sad message
"minta maaf" and then she geleng-geleng her kepala
Oh...deep in my heart
"kan dah kata"
After that, the black clouds start to cover the sun back again
and when my friends start to ask me...
There goes...
the black clouds that cannot store their rains anymore... classmate who did not get the offer to ACMS get the offer to PMC*congrats..=)*
But I did not feel sad because of that...
I just feel sad because "Mummy, sorry.Yana xberjaya lagi"
Maybe, doa seorang ibu neyh memang senang dimakbulkan...
Eventhough she said that she will let me to further my studies overseas...
I know, deep in heart...
She wants me to stay here, in Malaysia...
so, now... I am grateful that I still get the opportunity to be a doctor..
but I do hope that I can study in Malaysia only...if and only if I did not get any offer from Ireland anymore...
zatil, jom g numed...ada shake2*gedik la ko yana*hehe

2x trial
2x failure
yet, I know...I have to be strong
"Tuhan takkan memberi beban kepada orang yang xmampu nak menampung beban tu...ujian itu satu tarbiyah..."

so, kawan-kawan yang xdapat PMC jugak...
La Tahzan....hehe
dont worry...
Eventhough the rain fall down and it looks so *xde masa depan*,
Yet, u have to remember,
Apa yang terbentuk lepas hujan?
PELANGI*bijak memang bijak gitu*
so, maybe ade benda yang lebih indah yang tersedia untuk kite lepas neyh...

-picture neyh saya amek tau...kat taiping dulu...wah,rindu taiping=)-


  1. stay strong, and I'm preparing myself for the same conditions since I'm about to get my interview result too..somehow, I can feel the sadness of yours since this is our pursuit to live our matter what happens, life will not stop, not for a second, the only thing that we could still make a change is the final result..stay cool,stay strong,heads up, live life

  2. be strong yana! ingat! Allah tidak akan membebankan hambaNya melainkan mereka mampu. rezeki tempat lain. ada hikmahnya tu ;)

  3. yana, janganlah sedeyh2 k.
    maybe ader benda yg lagi baek yg ko akan dapat nnt.
    just pray a lot to Him! Dia tau ape yg terbaik untuk hamba-Nya. :)
    kuatkan hati k!


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