Thursday, February 3, 2011

my 44 minutes (xingat nak stop stopwatch sebab tadi g basuh ayam)

Yanti Gediks Gedempoi = Gendoi *time kaceh yanti sebab taggy*
Mende ape neyh?haha...sebabkan tensen ngan TOK*tarik rambot* so saya nak melayan benda neyh jap...
moh kite!!!

Instruction: Once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating.

Starting time: 7.46 pm (maghrib la oii oii)

Name: Adnan, Nor Adliyana (practise tulis nama ikot IB-____-)
Brother(s): Eldest. Mohd Azran b Adnan-->yang garang...grr n bengong
Eye colour: Brown...rasanya
Shoe size: Sama size ngan cinderella...5*ouh perasan*
Hair: yang pasti ada rambut
Piercings: ears
Height: 152*nak menipoo leyh x?*
What am I wearing right now: white t-shirt with green stripes n brown slacks
Where do you live: KL-tan
Favourite number: 7
Favourite drink: nyum3...ribena
Favourite month: currently Disember sbb banyak cuti
Favourite breakfast: roti telor n mayonese with teh panas

Have I ever -

1. Broken a bone – rasanya dah kedua2 tangan cedera kowt...
2. Been in a police car – hope too...nak merasa
3. Fallen for a friend – yes...but ala zaman xmature dulu kala
4. Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time – banyak kali....tiap2 ari tuka...*ala crush je pon*
5. Swam in the ocean – forever
6. Fallen asleep in school – gilo apa xpenah tido lam kelas...tipo3
7. Broken someone's heart – rasanya ade kowt...:(
8. Cried when someone died – setiap kali i guess
9. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call – err...bek ak tido
10. Saved e-mails – err...penah kot.bnda urgentla
11. Been cheated on – lupe-___-*saya neyh pemaaf*aceyh...

What -

1. Does your room look like: like my hamster's sangkar
2. Is right beside you: my mouse-___-
3. Is the last thing you ate: nasi ayam

Ever had -

1. Chicken pox: pena...n xsuke
2. Sore throat: pelik beno kalo xpena tuh
3. Stitches: yup
4. Broken nose: neyh x..n harap x..sebab sakit

Do you -

1. Believe in love at the first sight: nope
2. Like picnics: suke sangat...especially kat tepi laut

Who -

1. Did you last yell at – my brother yang pemalas
2. Was the last person you danced with – err...menari sorang2 udah
3. Last made you smile – my mother

Final Questions

1. What are you listening to right now – bunyi my mother n siblings ngah gossips..ooh i loike
2. What did you do today – tolong mak masak(yang neyh kena highlight), tido, n tgk citer hyun bin oppa
3. Are you the oldest – tengah yang selalu dibuli
4. Indoors or outdoors – depends

Today did you -

1. talk to someone you like – nope...but i hope to wish youknowwho
2. Kiss anyone – my bantal busuk include x???
3. Sing – yes
4. Talk to an ex – xkose aku
5. Miss someone – yes

6. Eat – hidop untuk makan...-___-

Last person who -

1. You talked on the phone – mummy
2. Made you cry – fren(s)
3. Went to the movies with – zatil gediks
4. Went to the malls with – zatil gedeiks lagi
5. Cheered you up – family and friends and hyun bin oppa

Have you -

1. Been to Mexico – nope..tapi hope so
2. Been to USA – yes


1. Have a crush on someone – yes...hyun bin oppa
2. Books that you're reading – books?satu buku pon haram nak bace...
3. Best feeling in the world – bila saya gembira n org len pon gembira
4. Future kids names – funny...x pikir lagi oii
5. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal – nope
6. What's under your bed – ju on gurau jerh
7. Favourite sports – xkisah...semua layan jerh
8. Favourite places – eager nak g suke duk rumah jerh
9. Who do you really hate – org giler n org tua xsdar diri (you know who you are)
10. Do you have a job - fulltime medic student, daughter n hamba allah
11. What time is it now – 8.30

With however long you took, post as "My __ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people.
xnak tag...sebab malas...wahahaha

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