Thursday, January 17, 2013


Maybe it WAS just so hurtful because all of us were always together
Meaning you guys mean a lot more than anyone else
When I am walking alone, people will ask about you
If people want to know something about you, people will ask me
If people cant reach you, people will pass the message to me
If people are talking about me, then people will also mention you

And everywhere, we are always together, not two and rarely one

And I do care what you guys are doing because we are friends till jannah right?

And maybe I was more angry because this is not the first time. My bad. It is just my habit to keep my anger by myself. And then, BOOM!
And maybe I was more angry because I did mention to you that I also want to go to the place together. I didnt buy my cloth since I was thinking we could go to the shop. Together. But...forget it. People are forgetful.
And maybe I was more angry of myself. Becoming so childish. Get angry about a small matter like this.

But a girl is easy to get angry with her boyfriend, right?
And she's angry because she loves her boyfriend more. Not because she hates him.
That means I love you guys.

Forgive me. I just need time. #examsyndrome perhaps?
And you is not for a person, it can be two, or more ^^

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