Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Talus, why u lemme fail?

I try to do post dissection today. N failed. =.=". Since last night, I was like 'sedapkan hati' that I will not be asked about ankle joint.(the most complicated and ridiculous joint to be remembered) Yet, deep in my heart I feel I will be asked about this joint.

N today, yes I do get the question about ankle joint. Yoohoo, congats to myself. Serve you right. Before Marcela (my teacher) enters the dissection room, I said to Zuen as a joke "May I take this bone and hide it so that no one will fail today?" And suddenly why me? There is about 4 people doing the dissection today. Why not femur nor radius nor humerus? Dear Talus, why do u have to chose me? Fortunately, I do recognize what bone it is. But still the joints there? Urghhh... I just admit to my teacher, "Miss, I didnt study this bone."

And that's how I failed my post dissection. And of course no easter break for me. =.=" sobs3

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  1. Talus? macam Tilon. heee. takpe yanekk! there's a reason behind every thing happened in ur life. And don't ever give up dear :)


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