Monday, April 16, 2012

Setiap Kejayaan, ada Kesusahannya Dahulu

Some of the seniors from previous batch who are in Palacky Uni, Olomouc now. *kalau ada kenal yg mana2 bleh la contact ye* Kami pon berbesar hati :D

Assalamualaikum...Regarding the entrance exam, I can only tell you about Prague and Olomouc since I didnt go for Hradec entrance exam. Sorry..

Entrance exam:
Basically you will have questions on 3 subjects. You must take Biology and Chemistry but there is an option between Maths and Physics (but since medical student in KMB student didnt learn Physics, you will have no choice..too bad). The questions are based on A-Level Syllabus. So, yes they are difficult since a-level syllabus are much more deeper than IB. But chill. Dont gelabah2. You can read them from IB Guide in option chapters. The example questions? Try to ask the counselors. I guess they have some compilations of the questions. Try to make a study group (tapi kiteorang tak buat pon dulu....sobs3). I guess that will help a lot.
Theres a bit difference between Prague and Olomouc entrance exam. To me, Prague entrance exam is realllllly harder than Olomouc. So, those who aim for Prague, do study more. Or maybe you can ask KAK ALIN ROSLAN how did she studied because from all of us, only she managed to pass the entrance. Terror kan? For Prague entrance exam, most of the questions are analytical and I warned you that most of the questions have MORE THAN ONE ANSWERS. Mostly there are 5 options and maybe all 5 of them are correct or 4,3,2,or only 1. Hohoho...That is why I said it was reallllllly hard as sometimes you might think all the options are correct and finally you realize that "Oh, banyaknya aku bulat" and then you start to feel panic and erased all of them back.


However, it is not impossible to pass the Prague entrance. Dont worry. Bukan nak takutkan korang. But I wanna emphasize that you have to be prepared. Usaha, Tawakal and Doa. Never forget. Regarding the interview, maybe korang leyh tanya KAK ALIN ROSLAN. Because I didnt manage to pass for the interview. #Facepalm.

For Olomouc entrance exam, it was slightly difficult. If u are prepared for IB exam and also you've studied all the option topics, Im sure you will score in the entrance. Basically there are 5 options in a question, but it is not as ridicolous as Prague entrance exam. The maximum correct answer for a question are two. So, chill jangan gelabah.
Regarding Olomouc interview, you will need to remember back what you studied for entrance exam. Because you would not now either you score well or so-so in the entrance unless you have entered the interview room. Once you entered the interview room, you will be told about your marks and ranking in the entrance exam. Then, some of you need to answer 3 questions on the same subjects (yes, orally and on the spot) in case you scored so-so in the entrance. And there are options for the questions which have different range of marks. The range will reflect the difficulties. So, if you are prepared, show that you are a risk taker and try to choose question with higher marks. The answers that you give will help to add your score back.
BUT, for those who scored, bravo! Basically, you can come out from the interview room with a smile. You dont need to answer any questions. And Insya-Allah, korang dah dikira diterima. The interviewer will only congratulate you for achieving high marks and ask you,"Anything you want to ask?". To be polite, just have a small chat with the interviewer. Ask him,"How do you find Malaysia?" or ask anything you want to know about the university. He will be really excited to answer that (if the interviewer is still Mr. Bajgar)

I will highlight on some matters regarding the entrance exam and interviews:

1. Bawak sweater or apa yang sama waktu dengannya. Sebab tempat entrance exam tu seyes sejuk. Sejuk sampai otak pon nak beku. *tak tipu* Tak kiralah entrance exam Prague or Olomouc. Mungkin tahun ni tempatnya sama lagi. To be safe, bwak je.
2.Bawaklah pen ngan kertas time nak g interview. So, bile kena tanya, jangan rush nak jawab sampai at the end, kite sendiri pon tak tahu apa yang dijawab. Mintak dengan interviewer masa utk draft jawapan. Make ur answers short but accurate.
3. Belajarlah bahasa Czech at least greeting dye ke. Mungkin korang leyh google and learn their prononciations.They are really glad to hear u speak their languages.
4. Buatlah IB Guide tu as kawan baik sekejap. Time nak g interview tu, angkut sekali je. Cause it really helps.

Here I left the contact those who wanna ask about Charles Uni:

sorry kalau terkurang, terbanyak melalut(sebab saya memang suka melalut) and kalau tersalah info...Harap ni dapat membantu serba sedikit

p/s: sorry sangat.pasal czech saya updated esok ek...sebab ada test esok..kena study..:D *nampak sangat study last minute


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