Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Dear KMBian Juniors

Assalamualaikum my dear juniors.

Well, IB Exam is just around the corner I guess. Mesti gelebah kan? Chill, itu normal. Well, study smart and don't ever forget about your health. And the MOST IMPORTANT, don't stop praying and let Allah decide what the best for us cause He knows.

Actually I'm writing this for those who still don't have any placement. La Tahzan. Kerana Allah sebaik-baik pemberi tempat. Ke mana kita pon, ingat niat kita asalnya time interview awal-awal dulu. To be a doctor, right? Bukannya nak ke UK sebab UK banyak makanan ke, nak ke Ireland sebab Ireland cantik ke, ke Czech sebab kat tengah europe so senang nak g travel and blablabla.... Of course la alasan tu ada, tapi jangan jadikan itu alasan utama kenapa anda mahu fly. Sebab alasan itu satu hari akan mengecewakan anda sendiri. Trust me *based on my own experience* So, betulkan niat dulu.

Basically, to tell you the truth, you will be left with two choices.(ni based on tahun lepas ek). One, to assign your name to Czech, Australia, India and NZ interviews. You can assign your name more than one country.Basically turutan interview adalah uni dari Czech dulu which is before IB exam and most Australia, NZ and India uni are after the IB exam. If u get both (such as Czech and Australia), you can choose which one do you prefer since comformation for Czech uni is after the Australia and NZ uni interviews. BUT once you get an offer from any uni from Czech only (since the interview is before exam), even if u score REALLY WELL in the final exam, you cant change your placement. I repeat, YOU CANT CHANGE YOUR PLACEMENT. This was my case before. I didn't succeed in Prague interview but I managed to get an offer from Palacky Universty, Olomouc (these are for Czech Unis). Since, there are too many requirements for Australian uni(which you can ask any seniors from the uni there), I just drop my name from the list of interview. Because my aim was to score well in IB exam so that I can change my placement back to where I was bounded (Ireland). And finally, Alhamdulillah, I did score well. But, unfortunately some of my friends didnt manage to pass the boundary to be accepted to Ireland unis.And after the IB results announcement, some uni such as RCSI, PMC had open some spaces for interview. I did plan to apply for RCSI. But, in my case I cant. Because I was told by someone  that MARA have already paid our study fees. And the most important, to consider back your friend who still dont have any placement (which I will tell in second option) and those who didnt pass the requirement. Think that everyone have a dream to fly. Back then, I was left with no choice which was to continue my studies in Czech Republic. But I am not sad at all. Because Czech Republic is treating me really well (dah makin tembam dah ni =.=") and I'm willing to tell those who interested to study in Czech in my next post.^^

Second, some of us didnt go to any interviews before IB exam. But they dont give up. Jadikan kegagalan sebagai batu locatan untuk maju kehadapan. And proud to say, some of my batchmates who did that managed to get a really excellent result. Memang rist taker (name pon dak IB). N finally they did manage to fly to RCSI and also IUMC.

Conclusionnya, yang dah ada placement jangan rasa sedap hati sangat boleh goyang kaki. Because you dont know your future. Ada je yang dapat offer IUMC tapi at last tak fly sebab tak lepas requirement. And ada pulak yang tak dapat offer mana2 lansung, tapi at last dapat g RCSI. Bukan nak kata yang tak lepas requirement tu malas, ada je yang still study mati2an tapi still tak lepas sebab tu bukan rezeki diorang. So,  bukan sebab rajin or malas. Tapi sebab ini takdir kita. Still we have to push ourselves to the very best because Allah will never change one's destiny unless he is willing to change himself.

Maaf kalau ada tersalah kata or maklumat. Ini based on pengalaman saya dulu. N all the best for the final exam. Berepegang pada kata2 ni:
"Jangan jadikan belajar sebagai matlamat utama kehidupan. Kalau tidak anda akan kecewa. Jadikan belajar sebagai wasilah kita untuk dapatkan matlamat utama iaitu akhirat nanti. :D"


p/s: sapa nak tahu pasal Czech bolehlah bukak my next post.

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  1. Yes, Czech DOES treat us very well. It taught us too many new things


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