Monday, January 17, 2011 panjang...xkisah..nak tulis gak sebab excited..hihi

Well, now I can take a deep breathe after a whole night thinking that the interviewer one would be as mean as Darth Varder and one would be as psycho as Professor Snape...-____-"Ironically, both of them are so cute and friendly sampai aku rasa nak tampar2...
Moh kite tengok kecomelan diorang...(during the interview, i was imagining their faces were like the 7 dwarfts in the snow white...dunnow why)

I:Hello...Good afternoon...How are you?...My name is Philip(tapi aku dgr mcm dye sebut slurppp) and this is my friend roger...
Me:(sambil terangguk2 gelabah cicak)...Oh..good afternoon, sir. I'm feeling great today...
I:Please, may have a sit..
Me:Thank you (sambil tersengeh2 kecuakan)
I:Well, can u briefly tell me about yourself
Me:(oh, dengan gaya tangannya yang harap xmenggedik time tu)My name is bla3...and u may call me bla3...Currently, I am living in a rural part of Malaysia, which is Kelantan...I live there with my mother, grandmother and also my siblings...
I:Oh, how many siblings u have?
Me:I have 5 sibling and I'm the third one... many brothers and sisters u have...!!(banyak ke??ak rasa mcm xcukup lg je)What do your two olders currently doing?
Me:Oh, both of them are working as engineers...
I:Brilliant!!!(apa yg brilliantnya ak xtau)...So, that is why youre taking medicine, arent you?(oh dye dah stat nak psycho ak)
Me:Well...I guess that is only a back up reason...Actually, there are many reasons why i want to become a doctor. At first, I realize that I have a deep interest in sciences subjects...and at home, I realize that I am a person who actually love to spend my time with human...such as playing badminton in the evening, playing monopoly with my family...these are different to my olders in which they would prefer to spend their time with computers...(padahal ak kuat gak men computer..ala kelentong skali skala)
I:oh...I see...can u tell us about your experience during hospital attachment?
Me:It was a really great experience. For the first two days, my friends and I visited the ob-gyn ward...Two days later, we went to the paediatrics..
I:Have u seen babies being delivered before?
Me:Yes, and during the hospital attachment was my first experience wathcing it in front of my eyes.
I:Did u need to pull out your strength during watching the woman in pain and with so many blood?
Me:At first, I did feel shocked seeing many blood coming out from that part. However, amazingly, I had helped the doctor to pull out the placenta from the mother without feeling scared. Currently, I had tried to overcome my fear by watching some movies that depicted some critical scenes in the emergency room such as Grey's Anatomy and also korean movie, Ob-Gyn(wah...muke org tu mcm terpegun...xtau kenapa)
I:Between RCSI and UCD, which one would u choose?
Me:I would prefer to go to UCD...because I heard that the university have a such beautiful environment, the people there are so friendly, and also have a great facilities..Moreover, I could also have the opportunity to learn subject that are not-medical related such as arts and musics.
I:Do you know how to play any musical instrument?
Me:Well, I am not that amateur...I am just playing to release my stress.Currently, I have tried to play guitar with my rumate(entah..dalam kepala ak ad prkataan guitar je)...
I:Do you wanna bring ur guitar to Ireland.
Me:oh..I did not have a guitar..Actually, the guitar is my roomates'..We both shared a lot of things...(hehe...muke segan)...However, after finishing with IB, I hope that I could buy my own guitar...maybe, i could play a song for you later...
I:(orang tu gelak besar...kuang ajo...)...Oh..thank you..I also love to play guitar..sometimes, i did play in the Dublin Musical Theatre(amek ko..patut la dye gelak..sebab dye lagi power woo..)however, it is great to have a astudent who loves music..(oh..bangga sekejap aku)
I:What do u think the differences between u and an Irish girl that is same ages as you?How old are you?17?
Me:Haha...Im 19...(pastu org tu gelak...gelak je keje korang ye...)and I guess the biggest different is my size(muka blur)
I:HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA...obviously..we could see that...(grr..KUANG AJO)
Me:besides, I guess the different is that how we spend our social life...Basically, we malaysian would prefer to spend our time by going on vacation to other countries...and I guess, an Irish girl would prefer to go to the from my reading, i could know that Ireland is the third largest alcohol consumer, isn't it?
I:Yes..ure so true...the Irish girls love to drink alcohols so much..and we dunnow how to stop them...any disease related to alcohol did u know?
Me:Hmm...I guess I dont really know...but when people drinks alcohol, they would sometimes having random sex...thus, this will lead to STD...(sexually transmitted disease)..
I:Oh...yes..alcohol disease have been the serious killer towards Irish about malaysian?what is the killer disease?
Me:I would say heart malaysian are not so aware of their diet intake..people having busy life would prefer to eat fast food..and sometimes, people would also consume food with high calories and sugar...what important to them is that their stomach are full.. about AIDS?
Me:AIDS was a serious disease before in Malaysia. However, after the development in medicine, AIDS disease was not that serious anymore...
Pastu dye ada tanta soklan yang lansung ak xpaham...seriously...dahla gaya yang sorang tu duduk gile macam pemalas..haha sorry for sitting like this(dye pon betulkan duduk dye)...I'm so full...Malaysian foods are sure delicious...the food with potato and meat curry inside..what is it called?
Me:Errr..Karipap??? it high in calory?
Me:Yes..and Malaysian serves karipap as breakfast..
I:Really??No wonder u guys are having serious heart disease...haha
I:Nice talking to you, bla3...We hope that u bla3...(diorg advice pasal grade ak..diorg cakap wat leklok in final IB exam..okeyh..insya-allah..tapi xdela aku jawab macam tu)
I:Any other question u want to ask?
Me:Well,,,while u were learning medicine, have u ever being so stressed out until u feel u wanna quit taking medicine?How did u overcome that?
I:(tengok masing-masing)of course..a lot of times...u can see that by seeing our white hair..
Me:AHAHAHHAH(time aku plak gelak balik..padan muke)
I:Like u also, we did overcome our stress by playing musics, watching movies...and other people did...
Me:OOO..thank you sir..
I:Hope to see you later in UCD...Have a good day...
Me:Thanks and you too..

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