Friday, November 19, 2010

a post SPECIALLY for the SPECIAL

well, it is less than 24 hours I will be at my comfortable home...argh...I hate this always come when I start thinking of all the hectic days I have to go through in KMB..-____-"

this post I will dedicate specially to my MUMMY...I just like the phrase:
"You can find a new boyfriend anywhere and anytime, but you can't ever find a MOTHER nowhere and no time".

A story about a strong woman:
My father passed away when I was only 10 years old...N SHE is about 34 years old...well, young enough because a woman still can produce a baby during this age..
(><)..Try to think, how a single mother could ever survive if SHE: 1.has 5 children (3 are schooling and 2 don't even yet knowing the ABC) and the youngest one just reach 12 months. just a full-timer housewife 3.dont ever know anything as my father only asked her to cook and take care of the children However, SHE manage to survive. Yes, SHE did...with flying colours(acecece...macam amek peksa plak na...) After my father passed away, SHE learnt everything...SHE had became a father and a mother to us.SHE is the one who will cook for us, drive us to school, giving us our pocket money, buying us new clothes, help us to make decision and lead us in everything. I will never forget her face when SHE first heard the news that my father is no longer alive..-____-"..n I will also never forget what my father had said to five of us: "Jaga MUMMY elok-elok..." Err..that was a really tough task that my father left to us. But I guess that the task that SHE has to carry on is tougher.. N bukan nak riak or takabur or sama waktu dengannya, SHE really2 pass with flying colours as she manage to produce 2 engineers, 1 doctor (insya-ALLAH) and 2 tahfiz(hope so)..amin and alhamdulillah... Well, amazing isn't it...? MUMMY dah stat buat kecacatannya=)-

My mummy bagi tips:if you all nak anak2 yang insya-ALLAH boleh tahan pandainya, make sure their makanan terjaga and HALAL2 semuanya...

random think:between I and U, I choose M=mother...=)


  1. yes i still remember.soon after ur father passed away ur family moved to kelantan.n i've nvr heard any news from u after that.

    but, glad that now i've found u back.:)

  2. paah:haha..glad to meet u back too..=)

  3. what a strong great tough mother!
    thankful to ALlAH. :)


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