Thursday, October 7, 2010


well, tomorrow i will face a bigga-bigga test..Is it too early for me getting nervous..?my adrenal medulla cannot stop secreting adrenaline..ceyh..mentang2 baru belajar endocrine system tadi..ok2..back to if i didnt pass this test,,..hmm..where should I get the money to re-take the test?selling my GDC???teettttt..wrong answer..applying overdrft??err..xsesuweyy..fine..

the only way is too do the best..from now I that I WOULD NOT HAVE TO REPEAT THE TEST, OKEYH!!!

wish me luck..okeyh, wanna to belit-belit may tongue first..(practise speaking wit my friend)..
XOXO(gian gila baru tahu maksud benda neh baru tadi..hehe


  1. hv u got the result?
    i've done it,in the previous sem.
    cukup2 mkn ja.haha


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