Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today, I fail my exam. Again

Before entering the exam, some of my friends said that they only studied like 2-3 days. Yeah, same as me. But they pass with A's and I failed. Is it because I am stupid? No.(eh, poyonya dia ni!) I would still say no even though people rarely fail this subject. And I would still say no even though I did attend the lectures and they dint. Then how could they pass but you dont?

I am not stupid in front of their eyes or others.
I am stupid in the view of my creator.
That's why He failed me. Because He wants me to learn.
Not becoming stupid for my whole life and having a bad ending in the afterlife.(Nauzubillah)
He loves his servant. He loves us.

What's the meaning of stupid in the view of the Allah our creator?
(8:22) Indeed the worst kind of all living creatures in the sight of Allah are the people that are deaf and dumb,17 and do not understand.
*17. These are the ones who neither hear nor speak the truth. So far as truth is concerned, their ears are deaf and their mouths dumb.


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