Monday, January 20, 2014

Kaf Ta Ba

islam is beautiful when you can keep wanting to do more and more ibadah to Him.
islam are way more beautiful when a group of people can gather, and do ibadah together.
The feelings are hard to describe, you just need to do it.

It is the moment when you put all your world-related stuff away from you,
To me, the medical books, a cup of hot tea, foods, and songs :D
It is the moment when you disciplined yourself,
Like the slogan you need to hold, "Eat when you are not hungry, sleep when you are not sleepy"
The moment when you could reflect yourself,
The moment when you learn to be humble,
The moment when you think about others more than you

It is the moment between you and Him.

As a medical student, yes, it is hard for me to really devote myself into Him. To think about the upcoming exams, how many chapters do I need to read more, feeling scared, worrying things unnecessary sometimes made my life a bit far from Him. I know that it is wrong. But with all people thinking about exams environment, you just couldn't meet your friends with the only reasons of ukhwah fillah and to do ibadah together. There will always be the questions," Have you done your exam? What will be your upcoming exam? and bla.bla.bla" Sad isn't it?

But with Kataba, Subhanallah. You meet your friends, smiling, without knowing he/she passed their exams or not. You will not know what exams will they have. You are totally gathering, thinking about Him. Praising Him. Talking about Him. Until to a point, when you will feel at ease that nothing worries you anymore. The thing that you only worry is about Him. What you only want is the blessings from Him. No other than that. And that is the sweetest thing :D

What am I trying to say is actually try to gather with your friends. At first,it may seems impossible. But with your friends, by everytime reminding each other, insya-Allah. You would never know your limit until you try to do it so.

The theoretical part about kataba is here. and the practical part is up to you.

May Allah bless us on each and everything we do. Wallahualam.

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