Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day by Day

Counting days... Now is 5th June. 2 were done. All praises to Him. 1 Insya-Allah will be done tomorrow. Then, next week Biology, another week with Biophysics Theory and Anatomy, and another week Chemistry. Then another week, Selamat Pagi Malaysia! Ya Allah, ease my way and my friends too. Make us strong walaupun physically dah macam makin gemuk je aku ni. =.=" Ah, lantaklah.

Fakta random: Brain can only consume glucose as source of energy.
'"Cokelat di manakah engkau???Come to mama" -->also applicable to Rahil Yusri ^^v

Sambung study balik yosh. Esok 730 pagi ada dating dengan Dr. Radka.

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