Monday, March 12, 2012

Now I Know

Alhamdulillah...thanks to Him who lead me to find this video. I highly recommend uolls to watch this video to know more about istikharah eg: u don't know how to do istikharah, what is it for and blahblahblah... common it's only 50 minutes of your precious time. ala, tengok running man ngan vanilla coklat 1 jam boleh? aduh, terasa... #selfrelection

Before, I thought, when I do istikharah, I will get a dream that shows me that the right decision will lead to a better situation in my life. Understand me?
Contohnya: Ada minah comel ni konpius perlu ke putuskan hubungan dia dengan sorang mamat ni ke x? Then, dia buatlah istikharah. After that, dia termimpi yang dia pergi jalan-jalan ngan mamat tu. And tiba-tiba dia nak terjatuh dari bangunan. Pastu, mamat tu buat tak endah je kat dia. Last2, dia pon terjatuh. (#true story)
Last2, minah comel tu pon break up ngan mamat tu.
But the real is, istikharah will not lead u to have a dream. Eventhough, some dreams did help u in choosing(contohnya kes minah comel ni), but do  not rely 100% from ur dreams.So, how can it helps you in making decision. Haa...tengok la sendiri :P

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