Friday, November 18, 2011

Dekat Padamu

Ya Allah, I feel so happy happy till I feel I wanna cry...
Thanks to the Olomouc've made my day...Sayang korang semua=)
And also Thanks to Allah for giving me the chance meet this awesome community of Olomouc...

Today we celebrate Hari Raya Korban. Yes, eventhough the actual Hari Raya was about 2 weeks ago, ate nak buat macam mana...nama pon budak medic...aigoo -..-"
It was AWESOME dude...lots of delicious foods, with cheerful people, nice speech and reminders, and jemaah prayers...


What actually that makes me feel sooo happy today is that I feel dekat padamu =)
With the ukhwah of Muslims community here, ceramah just now, and reminders from the noona...I feel that I'm full...both zahiriah*ada ke word ni* and rohaniah...alhamdulillah

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