Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Best Weekdays Ever

-gambar hiasan semata-mata- -..-

I thought I was the busiest person ever when I was in KMB before.But tot*buzer*! You're totally wrong. It had been 2 weeks here in university and...

Yesterday- I got chemistry test.To tell ya, we had neither enter the class before nor learnt anything.So, mmg best giler main counter strike lah -..-*oh target lulus je*

Then comes today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow

Continues with Biology Exam Day, Anamaty *i mean anatomy* Exam Day, Czech LanguageTest Day, and then it's Friday back! Not yet TGIF as we just learnt 3 calculation topics for 1 hour on previous Friday yet we have a test this Friday. Cakap kat diri sendiri, "Welcome to the medical student world" *lempang diri sendiri*

Fine! Next weekend siap ko semua shopping mall, kiteorg buat rombongan nak membelah beli korang. MUAHAHAHA...*ni lah motivation utk study.bagos x?* Hee...

p/s:Okay enough merepek. Study mood -..-

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