Saturday, May 21, 2011

A whole long day

BMS Last paper...It was a really tough paper, as for me, the toughest paper for IB exam final..yelah..coz you need to write at least 6 pages while reading study cases and understand them..then kena reka jwapan plak dalam otak...but neaahhh, forget those things...err..apa tu BMS? Apa tu IB? BEING THERE, DONE THAT...hahah

Err...Plan punye bijak..sambil sempat berangan nak makan apa kat OU time exam BIO la, MATHS la...then, the most awesome place that I can reach is only never mind coz I have the opportunity to watch Nur I am not abig fan of that drama, n actually never watch a single episode pon...lame..but I tell u, your money would be worthwhile,,
after tensen n sedih sebab kawan n rumate ilang beg diorg,(story in next pose then..sbb panjang sgt), this movie sure will not spoil ur mood...n dont forget bring ur tissues..kalau x jd mcm kiteorang..nangis sonyap2 je..sebab nak nangis banyak takot xtau nak lap kat terpakse r cover line...sorang nangis pandang kanan, sorang nangis belah kiri..then scene lawak, buat gelak gile2..pdahal, xlawak sgt pon..nak cover nangis..hahah

Dinner day...I would rather dont want to comment about this...because, it will sure turn me to a roar!!! damn you who makes me roar...!!

n Malam sampai pagi
Ive turned to become a bibik...haha..gile bilik sepah dowh...horror...xnak post gambar sebab nanti konfius tu bilik tidur ke bilik stor..but sedih giler..last clearance wit my rumate...happy sbb esk kuar KMB..but still cannot believe that Ive finished IB..n guess what..for the first time in KMB, i slept only for 1 hour...bukan sebab exam, but sbb clearance...-____-"

yes..mcm nak peluk surat pelepasan asrama...apa tu KMB..haha..but I will never forget what is Bathch Kita..:) n yes again, sbb mlm neyh nk g tgk wyang lagi...hohoh..

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