Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Panic attack and anxiety disorder 1

The reason why i wrote abt this is (by His will), I want to heal myself also others who are or were in the same situation as me.

I had the first attack when I was having pathphysiology class on thursday. About a month ago. At that time, my prof was teaching abt death spiral. Seriously I wasnt thinking abt anything on that time. Surely not abt death.

But suddenly, without a warning, I felt my heart beat very loudly, and then it started to beat very fast. I started to breathe very fast because I felt like I was in short of oxygen. And it became worst when I think that if I myself didnt get enough oxygen supply, I will be dead. And in my book was written " 7-8 min no oxygen=dead". My hands and feet started to sweat a lot and I was shivering terribly as I felt really cold. Then, I started to have cramps. I cannot even straighten my hand. I told my friend next to me to help me as I felt like I was dying. I felt like something was in my throat. I became really panic when I remember that someone will feel like this when he/she is going to die because his/her soul will be in there. I started to feel very weak and it was barely hard for me to open my eyes. The feeling was like you are really tired and sleepy.

Then my prof asked me to stay calm and move my hand and body. She asked me to take a deep breath and sit like in the situation you have dyspnea ( google it, because the method really helps you). And then I drank the hot chocolate bought by my friend. After a while, like a miracle, i do feel better.

My prof said it was due to hypomagnesemia. Since I am a very slim and small. I thought that it might be true because I do ate less food with magnesium such as spinach, nuts, milk. After the lecture, and went back home, I felt nothing was wrong with myself. I felt very well as nothing happened before. It was just like a dream. To avoid bad things happen, I bought myself bottle of magnesia (a type of mineral water with large content in magnesium) and milks. I did make a research on internet abt my condition. By looking at the symptoms, I did think that it was due to hypomagnesemia. And the weekend past just like that as nothing happened.

However, during monday, in the the lecture, when I was just trying to focus, I started to feel some chills. Then, sadly the same symptoms came again. I did try to calm myself by drinking some water and ate some sweets. However, I tried to bear these symptoms for about 1 hour! As I felt like I cannot hold it anymore, I ran out from the lecture. So, what actually did happen? to be continued...

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