Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kesedihan Dunia ibarat Chipsmore

I smile while I can
because I shouldnt be sad because of this.

Oh Allah, I know this is not my limit,
because You keep on testing me with the same matter,
2 times, with the same marks and nearly to reach it
I always ask myself, why?
Maybe did I do something wrong with You? or others?
I know this is a way of tarbiyah for me,
maybe I was tested with the same thing
because I didnt grab it.

I didint want to ask more,
I just pray to You that You would always keep me strong
and if I do did wrong,
please show me the correct path...

And in everything You had destined for me, I know it will always be the best.
I am strong because I have You and my Deen. Alhamdulillah.

p/s:percaya xdengan tajuk post ni?bagi sesiapa ada diari or blog, try review balik. ada je benda sedih sebelum ni yang kita rasa, oh macam nak mati kununnya. Tapi, tengoklah, ari ni kite dah tak rasa pun. Ingat lagi ke idok pun xtahulah. :D

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