Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dissection 2.0.2

This week gonna be a troublesome!
Instead some of my friends were already at Malaysia eating bisukut hup seng digemari ramai, I am stranded here giving problems to myself.

Disaster #day 1
I woke up at 630 and I should be at faculty for dissection before 7. What worse, I find out that my handphone was not functioning. Feels like crying and my hands were shaking like person suffering from Parkinson. Suddenly, my roomate got a call from my friend saying that she was also late and want to ride taxi together. Ouh leganya rasa macam orang kebulur then tb2 ada orang offer makan soto ayam =.="

Disaster #day 2
No more Parkinson or soto ayam. But this time I'm totally dead. This morning, we were given instruction to remove the fatty tissues and to find cutaneous nerve. And I was so stresssssed!!! I cant even find a nerve in my region because there were too many fats. So, with a blunt preparation and no patient, I just remove all the fats without realizing that I have removed an important structures. Dear THORACOLUMBAR FASCIA, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY MEMORY. THANKS A LOT. And I started to realize that I have made a mistake when I can pierce the body from the back and see the kidney which is in front of the body. OO-OO. And unfortunately, a scary professor see this and ask me why did I cut the fascia. Oh my! I feel like crying. One of my professor keeps bringing other anatomy professors to see this silly mistake. It was like you had accidently cut an important artery during a surgery and then the patient died. And the worst ,your superior and seniors were asking why did u killed the patient. But hehe, my patient was already dead.

Still, my excitement and energy for dissection had lost. I feel like I dont want to go for dissection tomorrow. It is my fate to get a cadaver with lots of fats and hematoma again. But i didnt blame the cadaver. It is my fault.

Too many exams in waiting, too many things must to be studied, tiredness and blablabla.
Dear Allah, please give me strength. Just a month more. Than both biskut hup seng and soto ayam will be embedded in my timmy. Yumyum.  

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