Thursday, December 8, 2011

Uncle Cadaver

Dear uncle cadaver,

We know that u have a serious genetic disease that cause your vessels to look really 'extraordinary'. That's why we had 'unintentionally' cut off the important nerves and vessels. However, to let u know, we're really thankful because compared to other specimen, your muscles are really awesome! Nice job in balancing your diet. And because of your kindness, we get to know and identify so many structures that I never want-to-know and care before. Thanks a lot. We really respect you to have such a courage of lending your body to be studied by the future doctors. Know what, people like you, make people like us, to study well and become excellent doctors to treat people like you.

Your truth,
People who dissect you

P/s: Yeayh! Tomorrow is the last day of dissection way and TGTIF =)

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