Thursday, August 18, 2011

Biskut Terus Dari Rumah SIAP

I was having fun making these lovely biscuits *like me =)* eventhough I have to wake up early...Like seriously 10.30 is not early.Fine la, it's early since I slept almost at 4.30 everyday watching korean drama. *sapa suh kau 'stay up' tgok korean bunguks?* When I want to swith off my light, then my nanny will wake up for sahur while saying "selamat malam"...Irony isnt'? -.-

"oh, tidak! apalah salah ku dibakar hidup-hidup" kata biskuts ini ...-.-

alien in almond london land...:)

"oh, walaupun aku gelap ak masih mampu tersenyum"..contohilah biskut ini

siap ngap gitu...^^

me :P

okayh, tonite hunny crunch pon akan SIAP...nyum3

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